TWM 205: Why Software Companies Need Truly Continuous Internationalization w/ Adam Asnes

(Length: 69 minutes)

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Adam Asnes is the CEO of Lingoport, a recognized leader in internationalization and localization. Through its consulting services and software, Lingoport helps software companies globalize their products so that they work well in every target language and locale.

Lingoport’s suite of software supports continuous internationalization, localization, and QA in every sprint and release, allowing companies to release globalized software on time, on budget, and with repeatable quality. Lingoport’s clients include well-established global leaders such as Cisco, Dell, Intuit, CA and more, as well as companies that are new to software globalization.

As the Founder of Lingoport, Adam has been with the company since its launch in 2001. In his role, he oversees the company’s marketing, sales, product development, consultant recruiting, and operations. He is based at Lingoport’s headquarters, in Boulder, Colorado.

You won’t want to miss this deep dive into how today’s software companies can successfully handle the continuous internationalization (i18n), localization and QA of their products for global distribution. Adam talks about some important i18n best practices, shares some wonderfully honest opinions, and offers some helpful advice for software startups. Tune into the conversation!




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