About Verbaccino

Today’s marketplace is global, social and multilingual.

Digital-first companies around the world are choosing to be global-ready from the day they launch. They are reaching out to millions of customers beyond their own borders through well-informed, well-executed international marketing strategies. The fact is: doing global business has never been easier than it is right now, at this point in history.

In the Digital Age, your competition is global. Fortunately, so is your potential customer base.

And this new global marketplace is here to stay.

That’s why you need an international marketing strategy.

Our world is more connected now than ever before. More and more people around the globe are accessing the Internet every day, and they’re looking for content in their native language. Currently, 90% of all Internet users are based outside of North America, and 75% are non-English speakers. And those percentages will keep increasing every year, as Internet penetration rates are still growing rapidly in markets outside of North America and Europe.

Brands of all sizes are leveraging this increasingly global digital marketplace like never before. Your brand can too.

To be successful, though, you have to get strategic about your international branding and marketing efforts. It starts with doing proper market research. Then you need to reach out to your target customers where they are – including on social media – and in their preferred language. And to truly engage them, you need to show cultural intelligence (CQ).

That’s a lot to think about. Chances are, you don’t have all the right experts in-house. In fact, you may not be sure what kind of experts you really need. Because when you’re entering new territory, you don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s where Verbaccino comes in.

Let Verbaccino be your partner on the path to global success.

Verbaccino Inc. creates content strategies that help digital-first B2B companies build their global brand. Our mission is to help your business grow beyond borders and cultures, and succeed in today’s global, social, multilingual marketplace. With a network of trusted professionals, we help brands attract, engage and retain international customers in a strategic, sustainable way. Services include:

  • foreign market research
  • cultural intelligence (CQ) building
  • global-ready branding
  • multilingual content strategies, including audio and/or video content
  • multi-regional social-media strategies

The path to going global requires expert knowledge of the foreign markets you’re targeting and what it takes to succeed there. The good news is: you can outsource all the specialized work that’s involved. But first, you have to understand what kinds of experts you’ll need, where to find them, and how to assemble the right team to achieve your global business goals.

Verbaccino can help.

Who is behind Verbaccino?

Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D.

I’m Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D., Founder & President at Verbaccino Inc. Born and raised in Quebec, I’m a German-Canadian dual citizen, and I grew up equally fluent in German, French and English. I have degrees in Communication Studies and Linguistics, and I’ve always been passionate about language, culture and good communication. I’ve lived in Canada and Germany, and I’ve travelled to many, many other countries besides. I’ve been based in Toronto for over two decades now.

As a content strategist, I see how multilingualism and cultural intelligence (CQ) are becoming more important than ever for companies looking to succeed internationally. That’s why I founded Verbaccino, a consultancy for today’s global-minded, digital-first B2B companies.

Verbum: Latin for ‘word’.

Cappuccino: a delightful caffeinated beverage, enjoyed regularly by people all over the globe. Promotes the flow of fresh ideas and good conversation.

Verbaccino: the shot of caffeine your business needs to compete in today’s global, social, multilingual marketplace.

I’m passionate about helping North American companies take a more global perspective. I also see a growing need for companies from other regions to better adapt their branding and marketing for the North American market, with special attention to Canadian requirements.

My sweet spot is at the intersection of global content marketing and localization: I love educating people about how crucial, how specialized, and how connected these fields are in today’s digital economy. That’s the motivation behind my weekly, interview-style audio show: The Worldly Marketer Podcast. (Stay in the loop about new episodes by joining my mailing list!)

There’s nothing I enjoy more than (net)working with open-minded, collaborative people. I’m a proud member of The Global Chamber, and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). I’m also a co-founder of the Eastern Canada Chapter of Women in Localization, and I’ve been named as a Top 50 Localization Industry Influencer by Nimdzi Insights.

Let’s see how we can work together!

Ready to unlock your brand’s international growth potential?