Ready to get strategic about your international growth? Let Verbaccino become a trusted partner on your journey. We help digital-first B2B companies go global by developing content strategies that are designed to achieve your international business goals. From country-specific market research to global brand strategy, Verbaccino is your pathfinder on the road to international success.

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‘Prix-Fixe’ Services

These services are an ideal way for global-minded startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and marketing agencies to begin working with Verbaccino. They involve:

✔︎ a pre-determined scope of work

✔︎ a fixed price *

✔︎ a money-back guarantee


Global Brand Name Audit

Does your brand name travel well? You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And yet, we’ve all heard stories of major brands that flopped, were laughed at, or actually caused offense in a new foreign market simply because of their name. These days, there’s no more excuse: brand-name blunders are completely avoidable. Using accredited in-country experts, Verbaccino will perform an audit of your brand name in the new market(s) that you’re targeting. We’ll check for potential connotations – good or bad – in the local language(s), and for the possibility of regional brands with a similar name. Your aspiring global brand needs a name that will facilitate, not sabotage, your international expansion. Trust Verbaccino to make sure you can introduce your brand to new markets with confidence.

USD $10,000  per target country


Individual Country Report

Are you looking for country-specific information to help you plan a localized marketing strategy? Verbaccino uses the most reputable sources in the industry to bring you the latest market intelligence about the countries you’re targeting. Our detailed report will include data around:

  • economic & demographic trends
  • Internet & social media usage
  • popular networks & content formats
  • e-commerce adoption & preferred payment methods
  • digital privacy requirements
  • local language preferences
  • social & cultural etiquette
  • current consumer trends
  • local competitors & their positioning

USD $30,000  per target country


Global Brand Audit

Does your current branding and marketing work well in the international market(s) where you’ve launched? How is your brand perceived by local customers? Are people talking about it? Who is talking about it? What are they saying? How is your brand positioned in relation to local competitors? Verbaccino will perform an independent audit of your “Customer Brand” in the countries where you do business, find out how it comes across to your target customers there, and make recommendations for improvements to your local marketing strategy.

USD $50,000  per country


Branded Podcast Launch

Audio content is growing in popularity all around the world. More and more companies are discovering the value of branded podcasts as a strategic part of their content marketing activities. But launching a podcast that actually reaches its intended audience and builds your brand in the right way requires strategy, know-how and special focus. If you have someone in-house who can take on the role of podcast producer, great. But if you want to engage someone with demonstrated, award-winning experience, who understands global brand strategy, and who can lead that process for you, contact Kathrin Bussmann to schedule an exploratory chat. If we’re a good fit, Verbaccino will take your company’s podcast from zero to launch, including a trailer episode, 10 full-length episodes, and – equally important! – a comprehensive strategy to promote the show to your target listeners.

USD $70,000


For more information about these ‘prix-fixe’ services, contact Verbaccino and book your free initial consultation.


* All services are payable up front, in full.


The following services are available on a per-project basis, or as part of a monthly or yearly retainer agreement:


International Market Research

A successful international marketing strategy always begins with careful research:

  • Which foreign markets make the most sense for your brand expansion?
  • What’s involved in adapting your marketing content – linguistically and culturally – for those markets?
  • Where can you find local partners to help you create and deliver effective marketing content?
  • Who are your competitors, and what can you learn from their approach?
  • How will you know if your global marketing efforts are bringing you the right ROI?

Whether it’s about the markets you already serve or the ones you’re looking to enter, Verbaccino asks the right questions and gets you the answers you need.


Global Content Strategy

Today’s digital marketplace is multilingual, and the vast majority of Internet users do not speak or read English. So why limit the growth of your business to an English-speaking customer base? Studies show that people are much more likely to do business with brands that communicate with them in their native language and in a way that is culturally appropriate. That’s why more and more growth-minded companies are bringing Global Content experts on board. Verbaccino can help you get that competitive advantage. From culturally-savvy content management to distributing that content on all the right channels, Verbaccino’s custom strategies are designed to achieve your international business goals. And we work with a global network of trusted experts to implement those strategies successfully.


Strategic Podcast Advisory Services

Podcasts can be a very effective part of your international marketing strategy. As the use of digital audio streaming becomes ubiquitous, more and more people around the globe are discovering the value, variety and versatility of podcasts. As a medium, podcasting has already proven to be a uniquely effective (and cost-effective) channel for thought leadership, brand building and content marketing. Studies have shown that podcast listeners tend to be more highly-educated, more affluent and more tech-savvy than the average population. To better reach that valuable demographic, an increasing number of organizations – big and small, for-profit and not-for-profit – are turning to podcasting.

Through Verbaccino, Kathrin Bussmann has been producing and hosting her own weekly audio show, The Worldly Marketer Podcast, since May 2016. From the day it launched, the show has been steadily building up an audience of thousands of listeners across nearly 100 countries. In space of a couple of years, it has become a leading platform for thought leaders at the intersection of global business, global marketing and localization. In 2019, Verbaccino became the winner of the THINK GLOBAL AWARDS Community Award.

Has your organization considered podcasting as a new way to reach its target audience? Do you need some expert help getting your podcast from concept to launch? Are you looking for advice on how to approach podcasting in a more strategic, sustainable way? Kathrin will personally work with you to make your podcasting efforts a success.


Strategic Advisory Retainer

The process of building and managing a global brand is an ongoing one, and it comes with very unique challenges. Maybe you’re outsourcing your marketing activities to a local agency that understands your domestic customers, but can’t seem to gain traction with international ones. Maybe you have an in-house team that has done a great job growing your brand in your home market, but is struggling to generate international growth. Either way, you understand that in today’s global, social, multilingual marketplace, building a brand beyond your own borders requires a strategic approach and expert knowledge. If you’ve previously worked with Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D., and you’re looking for a specialized advisor on your path to global success – someone specifically focused on international marketing strategy, who will provide guidance as and when you need it – let’s have a conversation about an advisory retainer engagement.


Public Speaking & Workshops on International Marketing Topics

Contact Verbaccino Founder, Kathrin Bussmann, about booking speaking engagements or custom workshops on international marketing topics.