Ready to bring your climate solutions to the world? Let Verbaccino become a trusted partner on your international journey.

Headed by Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D., Verbaccino will help your climate tech company have a truly global impact by developing marketing strategies that are adapted for your new target markets. From country-specific market research to international brand strategy, from multilingual content planning to specialized service-provider selection and management, Verbaccino is your pathfinder on the road to going global.

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Fixed-price options: *


One-Hour Consulting Session

Is international expansion completely new territory for your team? Are you trying to figure out which issues you’ll need to consider from a marketing point of view? Are you looking for some independent guidance as you navigate a whole new world of specialized service providers? Could you use some constructive feedback with regard to your current strategy?

Read more about booking a one-hour consulting session with Kathrin Bussmann, Chief Strategist at Verbaccino.



Strategic Workshop

Are you thinking more seriously about international expansion? A crucial first step is to cultivate a global-ready mindset within your own company. To help your team better understand the various issues around attracting, engaging and retaining international stakeholders, Kathrin will prepare a half-day virtual interactive workshop that is:

  • customized for your organization,
  • delivered live at your convenience,
  • recorded so you can view it again anytime.

Read more about engaging Kathrin Bussmann to deliver a strategic workshop for your team.



Discovery Engagement

Are you actively preparing for an international expansion? Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, Kathrin will work directly with your executive team to uncover your company’s specific international marketing needs, challenges, and desired results, and to create a roadmap for next steps. The goal: to discover what business outcomes your international marketing efforts are meant to drive, and to identify the best ways of achieving those outcomes. At the end of the engagement, you will receive a proposal document with strategic recommendations on how to get where you’re going. This document can then serve as your roadmap going forward – whether you decide to navigate it by yourself, hire an external guide, or continue working with Kathrin on a retainer basis.




Country Report

Are you looking for country-specific market intelligence in preparation for an international launch? Verbaccino will create a detailed report about the particular country you’re targeting from a marketing-strategy perspective, so that you can plan a much savvier, much more successful launch. The report will include information about:

  • current economic conditions,
  • demographic trends,
  • cultural norms,
  • consumer behaviours,
  • local business etiquette,
  • Internet usage,
  • social-media usage,
  • language preferences,
  • content preferences,
  • preferred payment methods,
  • digital privacy laws,
  • local competitors.




International Brand Audit

Do you already have international operations? How is your brand performing outside your home market? Is your brand equity growing as planned? How is your brand perceived by international stakeholders? Are people talking about it? Who is talking about it? What are they saying? How is your brand positioned in relation to local competitors? Verbaccino will produce a detailed audit of your brand’s performance in an international market where you’re looking to grow, and will make strategic recommendations to optimize your brand image and, ultimately, your business outcomes in that market.




* Fixed-price services are payable 100% up front, with a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of payment.




Monthly retainer or project-based options:



International Market Research

A successful international expansion always begins with high-quality, up-to-date market intelligence. Verbaccino can help you answer important questions such as:

  • Which international market(s) should you target?
  • What are the current economic, demographic, and consumer trends in those markets?
  • What are the local requirements around data privacy, digital accessibility, etc.?
  • What are local preferences around language, content formats, social media, payment methods, etc.?
  • What are the local values and social/cultural/political realities that you need to be aware of?
  • What will be involved in adapting your marketing collateral for your specific target market(s)?
  • Which in-country partners are qualified to represent your brand and implement your marketing strategy?
  • Who are your competitors in the region, how are they positioned, and what can you learn from their approach?
  • What are your international customers and potential customers saying about your brand?

Whether it’s about the markets you’re looking to enter or the markets you already serve, Verbaccino will help you ask the right questions, and get you the quantitative and qualitative data you need to make informed decisions.



International Marketing Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice if the marketing strategy that’s working so well in your home market could just be copied and pasted onto international markets?

But as so many companies find out the hard way, a “copy & paste” approach to international marketing just doesn’t work. At best, you’ll struggle to gain real traction in the new markets you’re targeting. At worst, you’ll make a negative first impression from which your brand may never recover. Either way, you’ll have learned some very costly lessons about how (not) to go global.

The fact is: buyers are more likely to trust brands that communicate with them in their local language, on their preferred channels, and in a culturally relevant way. Even between countries that share a common language, there are crucial differences that can make or break your brand’s international launch, let alone its long-term success. What resonates with your buyers in the U.S. may simply not resonate with your target buyers in the U.K. or Australia, for example.

So as you plan to bring your products or services to new markets, you’ll have to figure out which marketing content to prioritize for translation and/or localization, which content should be re-created from scratch by in-country marketers, and where you may have content gaps that will need to be filled for certain markets.

You’ll also have to make sure that your content is presented in a format that actually engages your international target buyers, that it’s optimized for the different ways people search (international SEO), that your website gives global visitors a good user experience (international UX), and that buyers can engage with your brand on their locally-relevant communication channels.

That’s a lot to consider. Which is why your company’s international marketing strategy requires someone’s full-time attention – someone who understands your brand identity, your global business goals, your international buyer personas, and your team’s cultural blind spots. Someone who can be a strategic connector between your C-suite, your in-house marketing team, and your external service providers.

As a global-savvy strategist, Kathrin Bussmann can act as your company’s International Marketing Lead and work with your executive team to achieve the specific international business objectives you’ve set out.



Specialized Service-Provider Sourcing

In order for your international marketing strategy to be successful, it needs to be implemented by the right practitioners, e.g. web globalization specialists, translation & localization professionals, in-country copywriters, ISEO experts, International UX designers, local-savvy social-media managers, etc.

If you’re just getting started on your international expansion journey, you likely don’t have any of these specialists in-house. In fact, even well-established multinationals often prefer to outsource such highly-specialized, tactical activities to external agencies or freelancers.

The key is to select the right service providers for your needs, and to work with them as real strategic partners.

As an independent consultant, Kathrin Bussmann will assess your specialized service-provider requirements objectively, recommend the best candidates for you to partner with, help you onboard them, and make sure the partnership is successful.

And if you feel that your current service providers aren’t quite meeting your specific needs, Kathrin will help you find better options through her trusted network of industry experts.



Podcasting Strategy

Podcasts can be a very effective part of your international marketing strategy. The use of digital audio is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, as more and more people around the globe are discovering the value, variety and versatility of podcasts.

As a medium, podcasting has already proven to be a uniquely effective (and cost-effective) channel for thought leadership, brand building and content marketing. Studies have shown that podcast listeners tend to be more highly-educated, more affluent and more tech-savvy than the average population. To better reach that valuable demographic, an increasing number of organizations – big and small, for-profit and not-for-profit – are turning to podcasting.

Through Verbaccino, Kathrin Bussmann has many years of experience producing and hosting her own B2B educational show, The Worldly Marketer Podcast. From the day it launched, the show steadily built up an audience of thousands of listeners across nearly 100 countries. In space of a couple of years, it became a leading platform for thought leaders at the intersection of global business, global marketing and localization. In 2019, Verbaccino was chosen as the winner of the THINK GLOBAL AWARDS Community Award.

Are you considering a branded podcast as a way to connect with your target audience? Do you need advice on how to approach podcasting in a strategic, sustainable way? Kathrin will work with you to make sure your efforts generate results.



Strategic Advisory Retainer

Building and managing your global brand is a complex, ongoing process, which comes with very unique challenges. That’s why it’s worth retaining a strategic advisor, who specializes in international marketing issues, is available to answer questions as they come up, and can provide independent opinions when you need them.

  • Does your marketing team do a great job domestically, but lack international experience and expertise?
  • Are you looking for someone to help identify knowledge gaps and blind spots in your international strategy?
  • Are you debating whether to create new in-house roles, outsource all international marketing activities, or create a mix?
  • Are you already working with service providers overseas but struggling to establish a consistent global brand identity?
  • Are you wondering about the latest customer-service innovations that can help keep your non-English-speaking buyers happy?
  • Would you just like to talk with an independent consultant on a regular basis, as your global strategy evolves?

Whatever your situation, reach out to Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D. to discuss the possibility of a monthly advisory retainer.



Public Speaking Engagment

Contact Kathrin Bussmann about booking a speaking engagement on an international marketing topic relevant to your organization.