The Worldly Marketer Podcast with Kathrin Bussmann - an interview-style audio show about global marketing issues

The Worldly Marketer Podcast

Bringing you valuable insider perspectives on what it takes to grow a global brand in today’s digital, social, multilingual marketplace.

In today’s connected world, businesses of all sizes can build an international brand presence through the savvy use of content, localization, and digital channels. Tune into this interview-style podcast, as Kathrin Bussmann talks with a variety of experts in the global business and global marketing space. You’ll learn about the challenges and the rewards of reaching out to a multi-regional, multilingual, and multi-cultural audience. And you’ll get a better understanding of what it takes to build a successful global brand in the Digital Age.

Since its launch in 2016, The Worldly Marketer Podcast has become the leading independent audio show focused on international and global marketing topics. It is the proud winner of the Think Global Awards 2019 Community Award.


In 2024, in alignment with Verbaccino’s new mission, Kathrin will be relaunching her show as The Green & Global Podcast. This rebranded podcast will explore how today’s climate-focused organizations are going global, how established global brands are going green, and how marketing & communications can accelerate the transition to a more circular, sustainable, decarbonized world economy. Stay tuned!

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