What people are saying about Kathrin Bussmann and Verbaccino:


“Growing a successful global company doesn’t happen by accident. It requires total buy-in from the C-suite, combined with an ongoing investment in globalization and localization expertise. For North American scale-ups that are planning to expand into international markets, Kathrin Bussmann can add tremendous value with her specialized advisory services. Unlike other marketing consultants, she truly understands the crucial connection between global business growth, digital content strategy, and localization. As an independent advisor with multilingual skills and a world-class network, she can provide the kind of well-informed, highly customized advice that will translate into increased global revenues for her clients.”

Anna N. Schlegel, author of “Truly Global” and VP of Product, International and Globalization at Procore Technologies



“Few people have such breadth and depth of knowledge about the globalization industry, best practices and emerging trends as Kathrin Bussmann.”

John Yunker, web globalization expert, author of “Think Outside the Country” and President at Byte Level Research



“Kathrin and I work together at Women in Localization, where she is a co-founder of the Eastern Canada chapter (WLEC), and I am a member of the board. Kathrin continues to volunteer with our organization in her chapter’s leadership team. She has been doing a fantastic job of helping grow the chapter, mentoring, and bringing interesting content to share with its members.

Kathrin is a strategic thinker, who is very knowledgeable in Localization. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the industry are both inspiring and motivating. I’m lucky to have had a chance to work with her. I’ve also had the joy of participating in one of her podcasts, of which I’m an avid listener. Kathrin is an attentive interviewer; she asks relevant and interesting questions that enhance the content of her interviews. She is also well connected in the industry. It’s hard to find one person in Localization that doesn’t know who Kathrin is. I would highly recommend her partnership.”

Silvia Avary, Co-Founder of Women in Localization and Head of Localization at Rivian



“Kathrin Bussmann is an essential resource for Cleantech firms looking to accelerate growth because of her passion for sustainability and her unique and special capabilities in helping firms succeed with state-of-the-art multicultural and cross-border marketing. Her expertise with global brand building and her deep knowledge of the language & localization industry are invaluable for firms growing overseas and across borders, especially into Europe.”

Doug Bruhnke, Founder & CEO at The Global Chamber®



“If you are a North American company looking to succeed overseas, you should hire Kathrin Bussmann to consult with you. She will save you money, reduce your risk, and help your project move a lot faster. Every international project is faced with unforeseen challenges that come from differences in culture, language, customs, regulations, and geography. Kathrin’s multilingual, multicultural experience will help you manage these challenges and avoid most of them altogether.

Kathrin’s understanding of international marketing strategy is backed by extensive international experience, and up-to-date industry knowledge. She knows what it takes to build a successful global brand in a hyper-connected world. She complements this with her vast network of international marketing resources as well as her own executional skills in digital marketing, online content, and language & localization. With Kathrin on your team you will enter foreign markets with a competitive advantage from the start.”

Sean Duffy, author of “International Brand Strategy” and CEO at Duffy Agency



“Working with Kathrin was fantastic. She was thoughtful, dependable, and effective. Did I mention fun? I look forward to future partnerships.”

Kyle Hegarty, author of “The Accidental Business Nomad” and Managing Director at TSL Marketing



“I’ve known Kathrin for many years in the industry, and from the very first moment of our first encounter, when she interviewed me for her podcast series “The Worldly Marketer”, I felt I was in good hands. Kathrin is extremely professional, attentive and curious. She’s a very good listener, poignant in her exploratory leading questions and spot on in her perceptive observations. Her multilingual and multicultural-savvy experience makes her a rounded multi-perspective professional, up-to-date with the industry’s latest advancements. Her clear communication skills, passion and compassion make her an effective leader and community builder.

Kathrin Bussmann offers a unique value proposition. Her expertise in international brand strategy and localization puts her in an ideal position to guide today’s globally ambitious companies. I highly recommend her on any leadership team.”

Talia Baruch, Founder at Yewser and Co-Founder at GlobalSaké



“Kathrin Bussmann brings the perfect combination of experience and know-how to the complex challenge of communicating with global audiences. From strategy to execution, she has a deep understanding of the myriad elements that make up a successful global marketing program. International brand strategy, ethnography, content strategy – and maybe most importantly an expert’s understanding of the complex localization industry – come together in one package. Kathrin delivers a consulting trifecta of passion, knowledge, and experience that will help any ambitious green tech company grow beyond North America and reach new audiences abroad.”

Allison Ferch, Executive Director at the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)



“As a Certified International Trade Professional and Business Advisor, I know first-hand how complex and risky going global can be. Even when companies decide on the right international markets to target, and carefully plan their go-to-market strategy, there’s a multitude of other factors that can make or break their international expansion efforts.

Kathrin Bussmann understands how adapting a company’s marketing & communications strategy for each new target market can drive international business success. Thanks to her expertise around global content strategy and her global network, she can empower your company to be more much competitive overseas. Kathrin will help you generate more international sales, and she’ll work with you and your team to build a strong, sustainable global brand. If your company is ready to do international business, consider Kathrin’s services as a smart investment to get your company’s products exported around the word.”

Emiliano Introcaso, International Business Advisor at Export Development Canada | Exportation et développement Canada (EDC)



“Through her multilingual, multicultural experience and up-to-date industry knowledge, Kathrin Bussmann offers a unique value proposition for North American companies going global. She understands the complexities of what goes into building a successful global brand presence in the age of digital content. Her expertise around international marketing strategy, combined with a deep knowledge of the language & localization industry, put her in an ideal position to guide today’s globally-ambitious executive teams. Kathrin’s independent advisory services would benefit any company that is new to international expansion and that wants to generate real traction in its overseas markets.”

Chris Raulf, international SEO expert and Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing



“Kathrin Bussmann is an experienced marketing strategist with a broad knowledge of many industries. Her passion, however, is also her in-depth focus. Green & clean technologies are where she offers her expertise, as these are the areas which will be critical for humanity going forward, and where her marketing insights can make a real difference. Her strengths lie in planning and implementing multilingual, international content strategies across continents.

Kathrin’s experience in all aspects of localisation and strategy are an asset for any project. She is fluent in German, additionally to French and English, and she has detailed first-hand experience of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), which is a key regional market for anyone looking to enter into Europe.

In addition to her insightful marketing expertise, Kathrin is an experienced moderator and a skilled interviewer.”

Kathryn Read, international sales & marketing expert and Partner at Uniconsult-Wick & Partner



“Kathrin is a great strategist to count on if you are thinking of extending your business into foreign markets. Not only her competence but her broad network make virtually any international operations viable, knowing she works with the right resources and partners. I highly recommend her advisory services for your digital marketing to grow your business. Besides her commitment and accountability in all she does professionally, she is also very pleasant to work with.”

Yuka Nakasone, globalization & localization expert and Chief Strategist at Global Bridge, S.L.



“Kathrin Bussmann is that rare content strategist who can straddle the worlds of inbound marketing and content localization. For customer-centric companies that are going global, this is an incredibly valuable combination. Through her unique expertise and amazing global network, Kathrin is able to optimize her clients’ international competitiveness, accelerate their brand growth and, ultimately, supercharge their global sales. If you’re launching your brand into new markets and want to start off on the right foot, Kathrin will help you make the best decisions for your particular situation and business objectives, so that you can generate maximum return on your global marketing investment.”

Neil Sheth, Founder at Writefully and Bubbli Digital



“Kathrin Bussmann is one of those rare individuals who understands how to create a successful global brand presence and can also execute on the plan to make it a reality. If you are looking for a partner that can consistently deliver solid strategic ideas, on-brand digital content strategies regardless of language or market, and the specialized tactical expertise to bring it all to life, then Kathrin’s that person. She is not only knowledgeable and talented, but fully committed to helping companies achieve sought after global positioning for dependable growth, year after year.”

Kristina Podnar, author of “The Power of Digital Policy” and Head of NativeTrust Consulting, LLC



“I have known Kathrin for many years and can definitively say that she is by far one of the leading experts when it comes to growing a business internationally. She has a unique skill set that allows her to tackle the plethora of challenges that companies face when entering new markets. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her passion for sustainability, makes her an essential resource for Cleantech companies looking to grow and make a meaningful impact on society. She will work tirelessly to ensure the success of each of her clients, giving them a leg up in today’s increasingly competitive world.”

Matteo Ceurvels, Senior Analyst, Latin America & Spain at Insider Intelligence | eMarketer