The Green and Global Podcast

The Green and Global with Kathrin Bussmann

Coming in Autumn 2023!


In alignment with her new mission as a consultant, Kathrin Bussmann is rebranding and relaunching her show as The Green & Global Podcast.

With this rebranded show, Kathrin is setting out to explore:

  • how today’s climate-focused organizations are going global,
  • how established global brands are going green,
  • how marketing & communications can accelerate the transition to a more circular, sustainable, decarbonized world economy.

The climate crisis is global; our solutions need to be as well.

For the sake of our planet, we need to deploy clean & green technologies across languages, cultures and borders – and we need to do so urgently.

So how can impact-driven organizations de-risk their international expansion and succeed on a global scale?

As always, Kathrin Bussmann will be talking with seasoned leaders in international business – this time, in the Cleantech & Sustainability space. Find out how global leaders this sector have gone about expanding their organizations internationally, and what valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

The Green & Global Podcast’s mission: to help global-minded, climate-focused organizations scale their operations into new markets – and thereby maximise their impact.



Sponsorship opportunity!

Interested in reaching out to a valuable and growing audience of global-minded Cleantech & Sustainability leaders? Kathrin is currently looking for sponsors, whose value proposition is aligned with the mission of her show. Click here for more information.