The Mind-Boggling Potential of Global D-Commerce

D-commerce is becoming the term of choice for businesses that deal in purely digital products or services. It’s a brand new business model where the whole customer journey – everything from brand awareness to product selection, payment processing, delivery of the product or service and customer support – takes place entirely online. For today’s entrepreneurs, D-commerce holds opportunities that have never been seen before. And the global potential is truly mind boggling.

Top 10 Languages for Global eCommerce (Besides English)

Worldwide eCommerce revenues will total over $1.6 trillion USD this year – and they’re expected to keep growing. But if you’re still doing business in English only, you’re missing out. Today, nine out of ten Internet users live outside of North America. That’s why more and more eMarketers are taking a multilingual approach. So which languages provide the best ROI for online businesses? Here’s a “Top 10” list to help you go global.