TWM 004: How Ecommerce is Helping Fashion Brands Go Global w/ Luna Vega

(Length: 32 minutes)

Luna Vega is a successful digital marketing consultant and the co-founder of Ecommerce Academy.

She’s an experienced podcaster, an active YouTuber, and a sought-after speaker. She’s also the best-selling author of a book: The Global Influence: E-commerce Marketing Tips For Small Businesses.

Living and working in major cities around the world – such as New York, Miami, Paris, Berlin and Singapore – Luna has developed a unique ability to seamlessly launch and manage global fashion campaigns.

She has worked on a range of initiatives – from product overhauls and e-commerce optimizations, to mobile and 360 digital campaigns – and for an impressive list of clients.

Luna’s goal is to share her knowledge about global marketing with fashion start-ups.




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