TWM 103: Shining a Spotlight on Innovation in Global Content Localization w/ Dave Ruane

(Length: 40 minutes)

Dave Ruane is part of the Enterprise Business team at Xplanation, a global language services company headquartered in Belgium. He works with international companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors to design and implement solutions that help them meet their global market strategies.

With a background in electronic engineering, Dave started his career at the height of the software localization revolution that was happening in the mid-1990s in Dublin, Ireland, his hometown. After a three-year stint with the engineering team at Microsoft there, he went on to join Lionbridge, one of the world’s top localization companies, where he applied his knowledge in a series of leadership positions. Since then, he has worked for various localization organizations in technology management, solutions, operational management, and sales roles.

These days, Dave is on a mission to inspire people in the localization industry to share their ideas, expertise and innovations, so that the collective knowledge can increase. He is a regular speaker and moderator of industry panels, and he is also a co-founder of the Process Innovation Challenge, a platform for sharing innovation in the localization industry.




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