TWM 162: How International, Multilingual SEO Leads Global Customers to Your Site w/ Sarah Presch

(Length: 28 minutes)

Sarah Presch is the Managing Director at Retro Digital, a marketing agency that specializes in international and multilingual marketing. A true polyglot, she has 10 years of experience working in the language industry in some capacity or other: first as a foreign language teacher, then as a translator, then as a marketing & communications lead, and business development manager, before launching her own agency in 2017.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Sarah and her Retro Digital team help companies grow with tailor-made local, international, and multilingual marketing solutions. Since launching the agency, she has gone on to co-found the Retro Live and Retrovation conferences, which are held yearly in Dublin and Prague. And she also co-founded a recruitment website, which connects companies with digital workers from around the world.

Earlier this year, Sarah founded a not-for-profit organization called the Retro Digital Foundation, which helps young parents achieve their full potential by providing access to education and mentoring. And, because she’s not busy enough, she also took on the role of Digital Marketing Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg in France.




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