TWM 144: Developing Better Globalization Practices Through Peer Mentorship w/ Loy Searle

(Length: 57 minutes)

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Loy Searle is the Founder and President of Global Guild, a consulting firm that connects people within the globalization field to a selected group of peers, who mentor each other by sharing their knowledge, expertise, best practices, challenges, successes, and failures. Launched in 2018, Global Guild focuses on creating small, personal communities, rather than an internet forum, so as to better help its members grow their careers, build their networks, and develop strong globalization practices.

Loy has been a globalization and content industry leader for over 20 years now. Over the course of her career, she has had a number of senior leadership positions. During her time at Google, she was the Head of Global Production and Language Services, in charge of turning language quality around while shortening time to market. At Intuit, her team built a scalable globalization and innovative content foundation to support the company’s market expansion. At Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, her localization team transformed their practice to support the Entertainment industry’s digital transformation.

Today, at Global Guild, Loy is building curated industry peer networks, which are designed to create stronger leaders and better globalization practices.

In addition to her work at Global Guild, Loy is an Advisor at AdvisoryCloud, a platform that gives professionals the exposure and tools to monetize their knowledge, and she is also the current President of Women in Localization.




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