TWM 155: Why Startups Need a Person-on-the-Ground to Succeed in New Markets w/ Shalini Trefzer

(Length: 34 minutes)

Shalini Trefzer is the Founder of Swiss-based LeapSecond Consulting +, which works with young and emerging companies to grow their business from start-up to scale-up. Working mostly with companies who are applying Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in various market segments, she helps her clients execute go-to-market strategies, focusing especially on the European market.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Shalini has 15 years of experience in multinational project leadership. She spent over a decade of her career in the cutting-edge companies of the time, including Cisco Systems, before moving to Switzerland in 2008. There, she spent several years working in global program operations and business planning at Novartis, the multinational pharmaceuticals company, before launching her consultancy in 2016.

Today, Shalini is based in the Basel Area of Switzerland, has become a Swiss citizen, speaks German, and has a tremendous appreciation for the natural beauty and philosophy of life in her new country. In addition to her consulting work, she is a contributing editor at the Diplomatic Courier, a global affairs media network.

On this episode, Shalini talks about why it’s so important for companies who want to expand into a new region, such as Europe, to have someone on the ground who knows the local business culture, protocols and expectations. Catch her insights!




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