TWM 176: Best Practices for Serving the Italian Market and Beyond w/ Susanna Fiorini

(Length: 31 minutes)

Susanna Fiorini is a translation, localization and global communications expert, who has a special knowledge of the Italian market. As an independent consultant, she works with a wide variety of organizations and industries, helping them to develop their international brand image through tailored localization and global communication strategies.

Born and raised in Rome, Susanna relocated to Paris in 2008 to pursue her studies in French language and literature, and she has been based there ever since. In 2011, while completing a Masters’ degree in translation at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, she launched her own consultancy, offering a range of language services, from translation and localization to transcreation, copywriting, and more. She also designs special training programs on translation and localization best practices for university students, developers, communication and marketing teams, as well as product teams.

Susanna has worked for renowned brands, institutions and start-ups in a variety of fields, including software and IT, finance and economics, arts and culture, fashion, beauty and luxury, sports, and the public sector. In addition to her consulting work, she recently became an Associate Professor at her alma mater, the École Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT) of the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.





This interview was recorded before the COVID-19 crisis escalated to become the full-blown pandemic that we’re seeing unfold globally. While all countries are now grappling with the spread of this virus, its fallout has been particularly catastrophic in Italy. My thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone who is being affected by the current crisis. In the context of this podcast episode, I want to offer my particular sympathies to the Italian people, who are experiencing a national tragedy of historic proportions.

Sto pensando a tutti voi e vi auguro buona salute.

– Kathrin Bussmann


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