TWM 192: How Global Brands Can Position Themselves Through Clarity of Purpose w/ Markus Kramer

(Length: 60 minutes)

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Markus Kramer is a Managing Partner at Brand Affairs AG, an independent PR & Communications agency headquartered in Zurich. He is a brand strategy expert, with a deep knowledge of global marketing, and media & reputation management across multiple sectors, including luxury, automotive, financial services, and government institutions.

A native of Switzerland, Markus began his marketing career two decades ago, on the client side of the industry, at the Swiss offices of Honda. In 2003, he joined the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, where he led marketing efforts for over six years, first for the Swiss market and eventually as the Marketing Operations Director for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East & Africa). From there, took on the role of Global Marketing Director at Aston Martin, based in the U.K.

In 2013, Markus transitioned to the agency side by joining Brand Affairs as a Managing Partner. Since then, he has divided his time between London and Zurich, and he has become an Associate Professor of Brand Management at the Faculty of Management Sciences of the Cass Business School in London. He is the author of The Guiding Purpose Strategy: A Navigational Code for Brand Growth. And he is also a current Board Member of the Swiss-based BPN Foundation, a non-profit that supports entrepreneurship in developing countries.




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