TWM 158: How to Work with Local Marketing Teams in APAC to Build a Global Brand w/ Kyle Hegarty

(Length: 40 minutes)

Kyle Hegarty is a Global Business Growth Specialist and Managing Director at TSL Marketing, a global B2B marketing agency headquartered in the U.S. Originally from Boston, but now based in Singapore, he helps companies develop and expand their footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically by focusing on cross-cultural leadership strategies and sales & marketing solutions to drive growth.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Kyle works with a variety of organizations to find new ways to communicate and lead across our shrinking planet. His programs help clients increase business across regions, strengthen teams, build trust, and re-focus company cultures towards global innovation. He has trained thousands of executives, enabling their businesses to maximize their global leadership potential.

Kyle is also a faculty lecturer at Singapore Management University (SMU), and a frequent keynote speaker at business and management conferences around the world. His clients have included global companies such as Oracle, IBM, Indeed, Fuji Xerox, Lufthansa, Google, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce. Kyle’s work in the APAC region has been featured in major media outlets, including the Singapore Business Review, Entrepreneur magazine, CNN and Fortune magazine.

Catch Kyle’s valuable insights on how to navigate the inevitable tensions between local marketing requirements and global branding considerations.




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