TWM 183: How Western Brands Should Adapt Their Marketing for Chinese Culture w/ Laurence Lim Dally

(Length: 46 minutes)

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Laurence Lim Dally is the Founder & Managing Director at Cherry Blossoms Intercultural Branding, a boutique marketing agency based in Hong Kong and New York City. She is an expert on diversity and the decoding of cultural differences. With her Cherry Blossoms team, she helps Western brands in the beauty, hospitality, jewelry, fashion, and wine & spirits sectors to better resonate with Asian consumers.

Originally from France, Laurence started her career working for the French government on diversity and equal opportunities issues, before moving to Hong Kong in 2008. There, she founded her marketing agency, Cherry Blossoms, with the goal of bridging the gap between East and West.

Since 2018, Laurence has been based in New York City, and is a now frequent keynote speaker on China and marketing for organizations such as China Connect, the Women in Innovation Forum, the French Chamber of Commerce, Sotheby’s, Jingdaily, and major international business schools.




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