TWM 184: How “Glocalization” Balances Global and Local Marketing Strategies w/ Svend Hollensen

(Length: 46 minutes)

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Prof. Svend Hollensen is the author of Global Marketing, a textbook he first published in 1998. Now in its eighth edition, the book continues to be the most up-to-date and comprehensive text of its kind, with cutting-edge case studies and a focus on the impact of new technologies and perspectives on international marketing. For nearly twenty years now, this title has been a definitive, truly international guide on the topic of global marketing. Since its original publication, it has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and a localized Indian edition.

A native of Denmark, Svend holds a Masters’ degree in Marketing & Business Administration and a Ph.D. in International Marketing. After several years of working in the private sector, he took on the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, and he has been teaching there ever since, becoming Associate Professor of International Marketing in 1993. He also teaches at London Metropolitan University and at the Europäische Fachhochschule Hamburg (Euro FH).

In addition to his book on Global Marketing, Svend has published numerous journal articles over the years, as well as a number of other successful book titles, including on Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Essentials of Global Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Alongside his successful career in academia, my guest has been running his own international marketing consultancy for over 20 years. His clients have included several multinational companies as well as global organizations such as the World Bank.




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