TWM 209: The Rapid Growth and Evolution of LATAM Ecommerce in 2020 and Beyond w/ Matteo Ceurvels

(Length: 47 minutes)

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Matteo Ceurvels is a Regional Analyst for Latin America & Spain at eMarketer, a leading NYC-based market research firm, which recently merged with Insider Intelligence, the market-research division of Business Insider.

Matteo has been featured several times previously on this podcast, namely on episodes #083, #106, #116, #141, and #151. Last time he was on the show, in July 2019, Matteo talked about the Latin-American e-commerce landscape. Since then, a lot has happened in the world, not least the spread of COVID-19. Among the observable consequences of the pandemic has been the acceleration of digital transformation and of e-commerce adoption around the world, including in Latin America.

In this interview, Matteo shares some of the latest data around e-commerce adoption in LATAM generally, and Mexico in particular. He talks about the most popular e-commerce platforms in the region (Mercado Libre, Amazon, Alibaba, Carrefour Brasil, Magazine Luiza, etc.), as well as some unique local payment methods (e.g. Mercado Pago). He also explains why search-based marketing (i.e. SEO and Amazon SEO) and localization ought to get much greater attention than they have so far.

Finally, Matteo looks at regional consumer trends that he thinks will become increasingly important for online retailers in 2021 and beyond, e.g. clear brand positioning around sustainability, diversity and inclusion issues, as well as consumer-to-consumer and social commerce.




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