twmpodcast-new-artworkThe Worldly Marketer Podcast is the show that brings you valuable insider perspectives
on what it takes to grow your business in today’s global marketplace.

In the Digital Age, even small brands can build a worldwide customer base.

Every week, Kathrin Bussmann talks to a different expert in the field of global marketing
to learn more about the challenges and the rewards of reaching out
to a multi-regional, multilingual and multi-cultural audience.

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  • TWM 000: Welcome to The Worldly Marketer Podcast w/ Kathrin Bussmann
  • TWM 001: How to Become an International Entrepreneur w/ Becky DeStigter
  • TWM 002: The Power of Translation, Localization and Transcreation w/ Renato Beninatto
  • TWM 003: Getting to Know and Value Your Foreign Customers w/ Trajan King
  • TWM 004: How Ecommerce is Helping Fashion Brands Go Global w/ Luna Vega
  • TWM 005: Finding Success in China’s Gigantic Mobile App Market w/ Shlomo Freund
  • TWM 006: Why WeChat Is the #1 Social Network in China w/ Michael Michelini
  • TWM 007: Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication w/ Christian Höferle
  • TWM 008: A Deep Dive into Latin-American Markets w/ Miryam Lazarte
  • TWM 009: Measuring the ROI of Your Multilingual Content w/ Kirill Soloviev
  • TWM 010: How Simplicity Spells Success in the Age of Digital Globalization w/ Bruno Herrmann
  • TWM 011: Translating Your Message for the Swedish Market w/ Tess Whitty
  • TWM 012: Marketing Translation For A German Audience w/ Marion Rhodes
  • TWM 013: Finding Golden Opportunities in Underserved Markets w/ Jacob Stempniewicz
  • TWM 014: How to Know if You’re Ready to Do International Business w/ Doug Taylor
  • TWM 015: The Secret of Success in International Expansion w/ Doris Nagel
  • TWM 016: Exploring Current Trends in Global Digital Usage w/ Jason Mander
  • TWM 017: Cultural Diversity and Societal Changes in Latin America w/ Gabriela Castro-Fontoura
  • TWM 018: The Keys to Effective Global Content Marketing w/ Pam Didner
  • TWM 019: Building Multinational Businesses Through Partnerships w/ Sara Haq
  • TWM 020: Understanding China’s New Consumer Culture w/ Jerry Clode
  • TWM 021: Why Even the Biggest Global Brands Need to Think Local w/ Paula Shannon
  • TWM 022: Why Marketing in Asia is All About Cultural Intelligence w/ Simon Kemp
  • TWM 023: Diversity and Democratic Values in Nordic Europe w/ Anne-Marie Colliander Lind
  • TWM 024: Marketing Italian Coffee Culture to the World w/ Simona Colombo
  • TWM 025: National Pride, Creativity and the French Language of Quebec w/ Patrick Pierra
  • TWM 026: What it Takes to Build a Truly Global Business w/ Anna Schlegel
  • TWM 027: India’s Diverse and Evolving Consumer Market w/ Vijayalaxmi Hegde
  • TWM 028: What to Look for in a Language Services Provider w/ Florian Faes
  • TWM 029: How to Connect with South Korean Consumers w/ Bobby McGill
  • TWM 030: Meet Your Friendly Localization Experts at LocWorld w/ Donna Parrish
  • TWM 031: Speaking Your Customers’ Language Through Agile Translation w/ Kathleen Bostick

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